What We Do

What We Do

Alicandri provides automotive-related advisory services to companies, investors, and professional firms. Our projects run the gamut from simple phone conversations to large-scale consulting engagements. Our leadership team has experience in the automotive, finance, and management consulting industries, which assists us in providing multidiscipline perspectives. Our projects generally address requests in one or more of the following topic areas.

For examples of our past engagements, please select a client-type below.

Our Clients


Accessories suppliers, distributors, repair shops, etc.

Government Agencies

Development agencies, municipalities, regulators, etc.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Firms

Automotive Lenders

BHPH dealers, credit unions, finance companies, fintech firms, regional/national

Hedge Funds and Investment Banks

Investment banks, hedge funds, pension funds, etc.


Recent and mature startups.

Automotive Retailers

Independent dealers, franchise dealers, powersports dealers, etc.


Insurers, insuretech firms, reinsurance firms, warranty administrators, etc.

Trade Associations

National associations, state-level associations, trade groups, etc.

Automotive OEMs

Light vehicle OEMs, EV makers, heavy-duty OEMs, etc.

Law Firms

Legal research firms, law firms, etc.

Tech Firms

Established and growing tech firms.

Automotive Parts Suppliers (OE)

Autotech firms, chemical firms, OE-parts suppliers, etc.

Media Companies and Software Vendors

DMS providers, media companies, software vendors, etc.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capital firms.